A Poem For My Love

Emily Trokis
1 min readJun 22, 2019

What’s it like to be my biggest inspiration?

A whole host of skills, expertise and compassion.

Creativity, rebellion and unique vision collide

to form a powerhouse next to which I’ll reside.

With zeal and passion, a chrysalis gave way

to a free spirit who would change my every day.

A butterfly too fragile, a snakeskin too tough,

like the Lion and the Lamb, sensitivity and strength is never too much.

My anchor, my compass, my sunshine on a cloudy day,

I’ll forever be inspired by the one I wouldn’t let away.

With naivity we said ‘I do’

not knowing what we’d gotten ourselves into.

I’m too busy looking forward to look back

but I know each day is an adventure when we’re running on the same track.

Singing from the same hymn sheet but sometimes a little out of tune,

I’m grateful for the grace I’m given when it feels like too much, too soon.

So I’ll hold the hand of the one I’ve chosen,

and say ‘where you go, I’ll go’, I’m forever frozen

like an impatient tongue to an icicle spear,

I know that loving you means there’s no reason to fear.



Emily Trokis

A 27 year old Christian, wife, mother, ex-teacher and butterfly brain. I believe in hope, absolute truth and the beauty of the written word.