Emily Trokis
1 min readJun 20, 2019


When the world goes silent.

When slow, rhythmic breaths meet heavy, blinking eyelids and the sun is barely peeking through,

There you find the peace, the sanity: the moment waiting just for you.

Amidst frequent yawns and achey bones,

the silence provides a strange kind of solace.

Moments that breathe life into you again,

A reminder that you’re still here, beckoning you to get up again.

When the world goes silent, dark, ethereal,

And the high-pitched strains of a newborn subsides

The to-do list has been wrestled into submission and dumped in the kitchen

And no one can pull at your trousers asking ‘but, why?’

When our gaze finally turns back on ourselves

And we ponder our place in the beautifully silent world,

Our minds are left alone:

To dream, to wonder, to rest, be still and know.

In the horizontal state of peace and solitude,

Our souls are reminded of the purpose behind it all.

The plates ceaselessly spinning and voices demanding -

Though we may feel it, we are not alone.

These are the moments we find ourselves breathing,

Not just exhaling but really believing

That what we do counts: the caring and guiding, washing, playing and reminding.

We’re the constant force of love when all else is wavering.

When the world goes silent, listen to the voice that says: you’re my child, not just a mother and – to me – you’re never failing.



Emily Trokis

A 27 year old Christian, wife, mother, ex-teacher and butterfly brain. I believe in hope, absolute truth and the beauty of the written word.